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Mini Beach


The latest model in our collection, created to meet everyone’s needs. Capri Mini Beach is a combination of vintage and contemporary, with its 4 comfortable stainless steel seats, a functional stainless steel and teak central ladder, practical storage compartment and compact size, this vessel is a must have in seas and lakes all over the world.

Technical Characteristics

  • Fiberglass hull with double reinforced body
  • Stainless steel seats and polyester fabric
  • Stainless steel rails and steering
  • Plastic impeller

Standard Hardware

  • Ladder, wheels for towing, hatch box


Keel protection, fender lux, buoy, sun top, buffer

Length :
11.81 ft
Width :
5.58 ft
Weight :
264.55 Pounds
Certified Capacity :
5 Persons


Optional Details

Keel Protection


Fender lux


Pedal pushers

Box life buoy

Spring board

Front Slide

Maxi Big Slide

Corner Big Slide

Wave Slide


Pedal pushers

Wheels for Towing

Pedal pushers

Sun top

Pedal pushers

Hatch with box

  • Standard
  • Not Available
  • Optional

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